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13 Emily icons

1) Tv show: The Tudors + Dexter (5.06)
2) Movies: Red Riding Hood ( Trailer) + Merlin (Queen Mab)
3) Actors/ Actresses (HP cast, Jonathan Rhys Meyers,
Emily Blunt, Scarlett Johannson, Meryl Streep, MDK)
4) stock (Tudor rose...,Arthur Rackham art, Xmas + Winter)

More here @ golden_edge 
Hope you'll enjoy ;)

You may dream of independence,
but you won't get it.
From now on, everyone will push and pull you
for their own advantage

Just remember, you are the queen.

emily icons

Hello there, I post some Emily icons:
1) BSG/Buffy .(25)
2) Disney movie (59)

3) Actors/Actresses (Emily Blunt,Emma Watson, Meryl Streep,Mary McDonnell,Buffy Cast, Jonathan Rhys Meryers) (57)
4) Lady Gaga (23)


More here @ golden_edge 
Hope you'll enjoy ;)

Enter ICONS today! ♥ Vote here today as well!

43 icons -The Jane Austen Book Club

Here 43 icons form the Movie "The Jane Austen Book Club"!
HERE by[info]octob3r

[35] Emily Blunt Icons

Hi! Just a quick drop off of some Emily Icons I've made:

Some were made for blunt_challenge, so if you like making icons of Emily join today! Weekly challenges provide a great large at the end of a month of Emily icons (similar to this post). :D


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Feb. 2nd, 2010

Hey all! Just a few banners for you all- credit me, and please save and upload to another or your own server.

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